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Mediating between these are the individual processes of communication as well as the technological processes of the mass media. See digital TV above. Used a lot in the Simpsons. Contrast with broadcastingto mass audiences. Often shortened to Gfx, words, diagrams or other illustrations that appear on the television screen.

Equipment in a radio studio which stores seven seconds of program in memory before sending it to the transmitter. G a film, radio show, newspaper etc. Crop — To cut an image, usually a photograph, down to size so that it fits into a prescribed space.

Much more editorial choice is exercised over soft than hard news.

Glossary of Newspaper Terms

The process by which a media company acquires another elsewhere in the production process. Compare with unidirectional and bidirectional microphones. Usually the most newsworthy of its key points. Can also include elements such as sports reports, stock market information, weather reports etc.

LinkedIn The professional social network which allows users to connect with other professionals and showcase their work experience, talents and expertise. Tape editing used to be a linear process of dubbing individual shots from a source tape onto an edit master in sequence.

See also to spike. Journalists should check exactly which of these conditions the source expects.

Digital Marketing Glossary

See also news value above. Myth — a complex idea by Roland Barthes that myth is a second order signifying system ie when a sign becomes the signifier of a new sign 2nd years only this one. Designated measurements often include full page, half page, one-third page, onesixth page, etc.

Media Buying Terms Glossary

Information which is new, unusually and interesting or significant to the recipient. Social Network A website where you can create a profile, connect with people, and share content — such as Facebook or Twitter.

Quintile The division of an audience into fi ve equal groups ranging from heaviest to lightest media buyers glossary amount of exposure to any medium. It may contain written documents, photographs, charts, schedules and other information the organisation wants journalists to focus on.

Also called digital audio broadcasting DABa method of transmitting radio signals in data streams giving a much higher quality than the old analogue system and allowing more programming channels within the same amount of spectrum.

Root Domain For the webpage www. Directs the action behind and in front of the camera. Chequebook journalism Practice of paying individuals for their exclusive story eg the victim of a kidnapping Citizen journalism News elements video, still photographs, personal accounts published on a blog gathered by non-professionals who may have had closer proximity to a news event than the pros.

The industrial process of creating media texts as well as the people who are engaged in this process. In larger newsrooms, may be called a news editor. Logo — The copyrighted symbol used to represent a corporation, company or individual.

Preprint Advertising inserts that are printed in advance of the regular press run and then combined with the fi nal publication just prior to distribution.

News language can be responsible for many neologisms. A news story which was not expected or scheduled in the diary. Characters can be well-developed round characters or poorly developed and stereotyped flat characters.

A type of caption on screen, typically the name and title of the person speaking.

Language of Media Literacy: A Glossary of Terms

Sitemap A file containing all of the pages on your website which helps users or webcawlers find information on your website. from The Democrat & Chronicle’s, “Newspaper Jargon” booklet whose contents were written by circulation of member newspapers and magazines.

established consumer media are audited by the Audit Bureau of Circulations (ABC). Circulation. mass media: Media technologies such as radio, television, newspapers and magazines that reach large audiences via widespread or mass communication, usually by.

Any specialized form of discourse has its own unique language and media literacy is no exception. Even experienced media teachers are often bewildered by the seemingly interchangeable terminology used by writers and speakers in the field.

Glossary of Media Terminology. Media Studies Glossary E.G a film, radio show, newspaper etc. Media text – see above. N.B Text usually means a piece of writing.


Mise en Scene – literally ‘what’s in the shot’ everything that appears on the screen in a single frame and how this helps the audience to decode what’s going on.

Start studying Media Terminology - Newspapers. Learn vocabulary, terms, and more with flashcards, games, and other study tools. Television is a mass medium, but there are many other kinds of mass media, such as newspapers and radio.

Multimedia – A medium that uses different forms of content (eg., text, audio, graphics.

Media terminology newspapers
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