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In history books, slavery is mentioned as this bad thing that happened, but the humanity of these people is often overlooked just as it was in the s. Encouraged by the circumstances, Mr. His memoirs were published by Bluett in English and French.

Ayuba was initially put to work in the tobacco fields; however, after being found unsuitable for such work, he was placed in charge of the cattle.

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While visiting some friends on their return trip, Ayuba and Yoas were captured by invading Mandingoes. Ayuba was then purchased by Mr. Ayuba was then purchased by Mr.

His grandfather had founded the town of Bundu, and he grew up with Samba Geladio Diegui the heir kamalenku to the Kingdom of Futa-Toro.

Since slave owners tortured slaves who continued to practice their African faiths and especially Islam, Diallo kept his religion hidden for a time until he was discovered by a child who found him praying to Allah.

It was there that he was discovered by a lawyer, Rev. During the journey Ayuba learned to communicate in English. I therefore find using the word "victim" twice, and prominently, without making much comment on his own tradition of slaving - that said, this is probably a symptom of a wider need for cleanup of this article.

And the thing that that portraiture is all about, is about individuality. Ayuba subsequently convinced English Captain Pike of his high social status, and explained his father was capable of paying ransom. Tolsey allowed Ayuba to write a letter in Arabic to Africa to send to his father.

Due to his intelligence and monetary prowess, and Englishmen's desire to use him to increase their own profits in trade on the coast of Africa, he was able to escape legally the hardships of slavery and return home to Africa.

Muslims did not start coming to America in the last few decades.

A Portrait of Humanity: The Compelling Story of Ayuba Suleiman Diallo

Unusually for the time, it represents a black man as an individual in his own right, a person of dignity and status rather than the appendage to a white master or mistress. He attempted to escape, often running into the forest to find solitude and release from the hard physical labour.

However, after being humiliated by a child while praying, Ayuba ran away and was captured and imprisoned at the Kent County Courthouse. Bluett and Ayuba traveled to England in Bluett and Ayuba traveled to England in Stagg, in Westminster Hall; and at St. This is where Diallo met English lawyer Thomas Bluett.

In the interim the portrait is on display at the Gallery. Ayuba Suleiman Diallo Ayuba Suleiman Diallo (—), also known as Job ben Solomon, was a famous Muslim who was a victim of the Atlantic slave trade.

Born in Bundu, Senegal (West Africa), Ayuba's memoirs were published as one of the earliest slave narratives, that is, a first-person account of the slave trade, in Thomas Bluett's. Ayuba Diallo was an exceptionally intelligent man from Senegal, born to a family of religious leaders in the s.

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Captured and forced into the Atlantic slave trade, he left a mark in black history. As a Muslim slave, his piety, literacy, and adherence to faith impressed many. This eventually led to his freedom. Ayuba Suleiman Diallo is best known for his memoirs as a Muslim who had to endure the Atlantic slave trade and enslavement in colonial America.

His personal history was published in by Thomas Bluett as Some Memories of the Life of Job.

Ayuba Suleiman Diallo: “The Fortunate Slave”

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Meet Ayuba Suleiman Diallo - “The Fortunate Slave” Through the Atlantic slave trade, many Africans were forced into the US and we seldom hear about some of their Muslim backgrounds.

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